Satiating the literary appetite of every Billabonger, our school publications are meticulously planned, created, and curated with an objective of providing our budding talent a quality platform to showcase their creativity and discovering the hidden writer, poet, or artist in them. Our publications imbibe a deep-rooted culture of creative consciousness and live up to our philosophy of treating each Billabonger as an individual born with the power to think independently.

Editorial Board

Our student Editorial Board, led by an Editor-in-chief, promises a closer-to-life exposure to its members who work diligently along with their mentor to come up with fresh ideas, interview different personalities, deliver quality content, and seek valuable feedback to improve their work. Each issue is packed with freshness – Each issue is replete with novelty.

Billabong High

From L to R: Devyani Sadho (Editor-in-chief), Abaan Ansari, Arzoo Hajela, Mayra Abhijit Rozatkar, Prisha Arora

Billabong High

From L to R: Sanjna Nair (Editor-in-chief), Lavanya Kapoor, Paloma Jain, Prashasti Praveen, Sania Mirza Baig

Billabong High

From L to R: Mannat Kandal (Editor-in-chief), Aamya Tuteja, Devyani Sadho, Nilotama Singh, Ridhima Dwivedi

Billabong High

From L to R: Hia Sadho (Editor-in-chief), Arayna Saxena, Kaashvi Mehta, and Paloma Jain

Billabong High

From L to R: Ira Fatma Khan (Editor-in-chief), Aditya Rajan, Rida Aamir, and Agrima Chopra

Billabong High

Arya Shukla (Editor-in-chief), Hitakshika Suri, Harshika Suri, Hia Sadho, Shah Hussain, Ziyad Khan, Aryan Pillai, Syed Arsalaan Nadim, Noppanum Noisuwan, and Aya Komatsu

From our Past Editors-in-chief